Pasturella Pestis

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Pasturella pestis, also called Black Death or plague was remained undiscovered for 500 years. This lethal decease began in the mid of 13 century and rapidly surpassed borders of Sicily, where it was brought with the sick sailors on the traded ship from the Black Sea. The plague extensively passed through the Central Asia, reached to the most of European countries, and literally extended from India to Iceland. Ruthlessly eroded half of the population it became a real menace for that time. People of that time were able to concede that the infection came from the close physical contact with the sick and their clothes, houses and infected the bloodstream and another infected the lungs , and in this case the decease was spread by air and caused respiratory infection. The symptoms were almost the same for everybody; the sick would suffer from acute pain and died quickly. Taking a retrospective glance at the historical events, that has been described by Barbara Tuchman in her novel, we could acknowledge them not only as a narration of medieval stories and compiled facts, but also take them into the deeper consideration of all that alterations and transitions that human race went through . Our civilized world is very different, we made global achievements in any field of science for example, but has been human relationships developed as well or we remain the same common approach in our moral standards and reactions, especially in such cases as facing to death? The first thing that may cause the reader outrage is that the spread of the disease, that killed hundreds and thousands of lives all over the world , could be simply suspended by adhering to the rules of elementary sanitaria,. Also none of the rulers of that time didn’t ord... ... middle of paper ... ...ould quickly calculate our life demands for many years in advance. Contemporary reports of 14 century decease could be more complete. If they had been carefully and accurate put all facts and information in chronological order we could get better understanding and more knowledge about that time, sometimes historical facts even could prevent a new menace or at least get an idea of how to defeat , sustain and struggle . Because lack of information derived from of manuscripts We had to carefully gather and compile information from different sources and put facts together baised on concise, erratic reports or reminisces of that time, but in chronological order would help . For example we don’t know still how many died. Despite the big difference between people of contemporary and medieval age there is something that would remain timeless – human behavior.

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