Pastizzi Cafe v. Hossain: Case Summary

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Pastizzi Café Pty Ltd v Hossain was the case of Supreme Court of New South Wales in July in 2011. In this Case, there were three Plaintiff named Pastizzi Café Pty Ltd, Deborah Ross, Leonard Ross and Two Defendant named Miraj Hossain, Talukder Enterprises Pty Ltd. Micheal Fitzgearld was the solicitor of Plaintiffs and Mooney & Kennedy were Defendant Solicitor. In this case, Mr Hossain and Ms Ross started the business of Pastizzi in 2007.At that time Mr Hossain and Ms Ross were the directors and shareholder of Pastizzi and Mr Ross did not become a director of Pastizzi because he wants to finish his previous relationship. In 2011, Mr Hossain wants his share from the business. He wants that Ms Ross vacant the King Street premises of Pastizzi
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