Past Regarets in Present Times

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The coming of a Jews messiah to liberate the Jews community has being well known for multiple generations however, the coming of two messiahs at the same time to liberate the Jews, is a 20th century popular comic addition to Jews mythology. Detective Comics introduce two messiah; Batman and the Golem. By contrasting Batman's sense of present, humanity, and role as protector of the city with the Golem's parallel time link with Jacob, his creation purpose, and role to liberate Soul from his regrets, the comic The Golem of Gotham #631-632, portrays two messiahs; Batman being the human messiah and the Golem being the supernatural messiah. This is important because, it implies that an imperfect human messiah is more capable of saving the Jews community than a mythological creation. To begin, the comic’s setting is overlapped with Soul’s memories from Kristallnacht and the actions taking place in present time. The first panel in The Golem of Gotham has a present day scene of a youth gang braking the glass of shops, ultimately destroying them. In this panel the two narrating boxes contain a repetition of the world “remember” to emphasize that the breaking of glass and the destruction of shops is bringing Soul’s memories from the past. The reviving of this memories also bring the past pain. The second panel, which is a memory panel has the same scene of the breaking of glass by a group of uniformed men. Unlike the first panel, the uniformed men are identified as the Nazi since their faces are exposed. There is a difference in the colors of the two panes, the present time panel has a wide variety of blues while the memory panel is composed of a tones of yellow. The present time panel’s color being blue represents the coldness of the acti... ... middle of paper ... ...he letter E.” but, since Soul is unable to reason up with him Batman sees himself forced to use his last resource; violence. One of the main oppositions of Batman and the Golem is their humanity and lack of humanity. As a human Batman is able to forgive and rationalize while the Golem is unable to rationalizes. Batman’s strongest weapon against the Golem was his humanity. As a mortal human being Batman is well aware of his role as protector of the city and sense of present. The Golem having a parallel time link with Jacob because of Soul’s motives to create it makes him the weaker messiah. Soul did not relied on himself to fight for his beliefs rather he chooses his mysticism resources to create a supernatural fighter when if he had put resistance by himself he could have saved more lives. Batman is just a human but preforms better the role of an expected messiah.

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