Past Psychology Therapies Meet Future Therapy

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Therapies in psychology continue to grow, evolve and change for the benefit of the patient. Past treatments have been used a building blocks to advance the value of each previous psychoanalysis. The past cures or studies are known as structuralism, functualism, behaviorism, gestalt psychoanalysis, and psychoanalysis and in the future we will look bad seed syndrome. William Wundt is considered the founding father of structuralism. Structuralism is used in breaking down the conscience experience into basic conscience elements. Someone might describe an apple as red, round, and sweet smelling while someone else might describe it as crisp, fresh, sweet tasting. Not everyone sees things exactly in the same way and that is why structuralism is no longer one of the theories that is used. Reliability could not be proved. Wundt always used his students which were trained by him and any disagreements were resolved by him. So a certain amount of bias was used in the training of his students. “Though participants could report on conscious experiences, these elements of consciousness themselves were thought to be unobservable theoretical constructions (Richard 2009).” William James and Charles Darwin were both functionalists. Functionalists focused on the purpose of consciousness and behavior and emphasized individual differences. Functionalism and structuralism are very much alike in that they both emphasize the conscience self. Functionalism can be referred to in two different ways. It can refer to the study of how psychological method functions. “This is a major departure from the study of the structure of a mental process, the difference between stopping a train to tear it apart to study its parts (structuralism), and looking ... ... middle of paper ... ...h or family that does not care. Some children are so young that it appears as though they were born without their Ego to keep them from acting instinctively. Study would prove to be interesting. Are these children born without morals or some type of hormone, gene or has something else gone wrong while they are being formed in the womb? Structuralism, functionalism, behaviorism, gestalt psychotherapy and psychotherapy are all used as building blocks to bring us to the future study. Psychoanalysis bad seed therapy will prove to be an interesting stepping stone into the future to find out what makes us different from animals, what makes us human? Works Cited Richard, H. (n.d.). Retrieved from Gordon, O. E. (n.d.). Retrieved from
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