Past, Present and Future: Stoker's Impact

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Bram Stoker wrote many novels in his life time; he was a brilliant author and could have in fact possibly imagined how significant an impact his novels could have effected literature throughout the ages and more importantly today. Considering Stoker focused on how the past could affect the present and incorporated that ideology into many of his novels including Dracula. Dracula has come to be one of the most well-known pieces of literature in the world. Vampires are everywhere, in many fiction novels and all over TV, which garnered their inspiration from Stoker’s novel Dracula. Although this novel was controversial at the time it was published during the Victorian era, it has accumulated success and has continued to survive and thrive throughout the nearly century and a half since it has been published. It has attributed much to the literary world. This epistolary novel put a spot light on the mysterious, sexuality and mystery that readers today adore.
None of this could have been possible without Stoker himself, he “was born on November 8, 1847, in Dublin Ireland. He was one of seven children, he was ill as a child early on, but that never held him back. In 1864, Stoker enrolled at the University of Dublin, or Trinity College surprisingly to study mathematics” (Merriman 2). “Despite his adolescent illness he became involved in athletics. He graduated from Trinity College with honors in 1890” (Merriman 2). “After ten years of civil service at Dublin Castle”, he left with his passion for the arts to write theatre reviews and “soon established a friendly relationship with Henry Irving. Irving offered Stoker a management position at his Lyceum Theatre in London. Soon thereafter Stoker began to write novels” (Bram Stoker Biography...

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