Past Life Traum What I Know You Now Is Strictly My Opinion

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“I have found that past life trauma continues to affect us emotionally, mentally, and physically causing difficulties in our present life. By exposing and understanding these painful memories the emotional intensity loses its ability to affect the present. If we can lift the burden, we can let go of the past and move forward in our lives. That is why I do what I do to heal the deepest part of the human soul.” “Do people have more than one life?” “Many do. What I’m going to tell you now is strictly my opinion.” “I understand.” “Through my research I’ve found those reborn seek a ‘redo,’ in a sense until they can correct whatever was left unresolved when they died.” “What if I don’t experience a past life while I’m under hypnosis?” “It will mean one of two things, you either didn’t have a previous life or you don’t want to remember it. Are you ready?” “I guess. What should I do?” “Lay back and get comfortable. I will guide you through the experience. Alice will stay the entire time. She digitally records the sessions.” Casey turned to Alice, who gave her a reassuring smile. “Will I remember what happens?” “Yes. After the regression you will remember everything you experienced. It will be like watching a movie. You will be completely safe and protected. You can come out of it at any time.” Casey gave the doctor a tentative smile. “Please tell me I won’t bark like a dog or act like a chicken.” “I promise.” Dr. Bernard assured her. Glancing at Alice, who had maintained her friendly grin, she reclined on the chaise lounge and took a deep breath hoping to lessen her apprehension. No success. Alice got up and turned the lights down low. Dr. Bernard spoke in a calm, soft tone, drawing out his sentences. “I want you to concentrate and liste... ... middle of paper ... ... after our wedding from his indulgent lifestyle, leaving me a widow at the age of nineteen.” Her accent was more pronounced from disgust. “Why did you not go back to the man you loved?” “My station in life would forbid that union and never allow my true love and I to marry.” “What did you do after your husband’s death?” “Due to my social standing, the royal family asked that I come to Versailles as a companion to the Dauphine. Not long after Marie became Queen, she appointed me Superintendent of her household. Now Marie is my closest friend.” “What brought you here?” The doctor sat up straighter as his eyes narrowed. “A mob of more than ten thousand forced the Royal Family to leave the Palace at Versailles and imprisoned them at the Tuileries Palace. I accompanied Marie. I could not bear to leave my friend with the uncertainty of the situation.” “What happened next?”

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