Passion Vs. Love: Passion And Love In The Ramayana

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Passion vs Love “Rama glanced at her whenever a beautiful object caught his eye. Every tint of the sky, every shape of a flower or bud, every elegant form of a creeper reminded him of some aspect or other of Sita’s person.” Here Rama is seen exemplifying the virtue of love, by not just thinking about Sita in a physical way, but seeing her mentally in aspects of nature. In the story, The Ramayana, there are elements of both passion and love, but passion and love are not the same. They evoke two different reactions, passion being negative and love being positive. Passion is stimulated by the visual elements of a person while love is internal and looks at the core beauty of a person. Passion represents a dark, eerie side of love often described…show more content…
Can love exist without passion? Although passion can be an element in love, it is not detrimental that passion exists. There may be moments of passion but love can prevail without the existence of passion. The same goes for passion. Because passion is rooted in different principles than love, it does not rely on love to flourish. Passion can sustain even with the absence of love. As mentioned earlier, passion to me, is seen as a negative. So why is love a positive? In the story we see this love as timeless, spanning through different lives and taking place in different locations. Rama and Sita are connected with this love, which accompanies them in each life. Today, love is an overused, misunderstood love. The once sacred word, has turned into a mere word used interchangeably with other mediocre words such as like. Society still has a solid idea on love, but this idea has been twisted to give love a more casual meaning. The connectedness of Rama and Sita shows a true love, where it is their destiny to be together. Comparing their love with how we view love today shows just how far we have strayed from the idea of tradition love. Love is a mental and physical connection that does not entail multiple emotions that lie in passion. Love is not many emotions, but love produces many emotions. Love acts as a catalyst that evokes feelings, but all these

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