Passion And Apathy Essay: Passion Or Apathy?

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Passion or Apathy Throughout the years I have heard people refer to themselves as either being an “English” or a “Math and Sciences” type of person. With much thought invested into the idea, I came to the conclusion that I was neither. It was not that I was unable to understand mathematical equations or that I could not come up with a well put together essay. I just truly never knew how to categorize myself with subjects that were no passions of mine. My education does not excel in fields that I have little to no interest in, yet I still put worth the effort. One of the main things that has kept me going through my moments of struggling is the ounce of support I received from my educators. I have had teachers that I truly left no impact, along…show more content…
My papers had nothing more special to them than that of the papers of the student sitting next to me. “Great Job!” would be written at the top along with a check plus, all in red ink. Just like every single paper in the class that was turned in. The worst things that would happened to me in terms of English courses at the time would be my cursive letters not being clear enough or forgetting to complete an assignment all together. I was not an “English” or a “Math and Sciences” student at the time. I was an A’s and B’s student. I did my work because I was told I had to do it if I did not want to receive a poor grade. I had not utter passion for the subjects. As the years went on, and the concepts we were told to write about got more interesting, I became more enthusiastic about my…show more content…
That was the year I had Mr. Wimer. He was very passionate about his job. He told us how to love literature. We read The Poisonwood Bible, The Canaberry Tales, Snow Falling on Cedars, Hamlet, Pride and Prejudice, The Handmaid’s Tale, poems, short stories, and more works than I can even name. I was never much of a reader but I truly started to enjoy it. We learned about the background of the novels and why they are so important to our society today. This was all on top of the spelling tests and essays that we had to complete. The class was completely booked solid with criteria that had to be covered but I was never overwhelmed as I had been in the past because I was enjoying every second I was working on my

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