Paschal Mystery, Jesus of NAzareth

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The Paschal Mystery is a key element in our Catholic faith. As Catholic we believe that God came down from heaven and became one of us. Jesus is that fulfilment and came down to save us. The Paschal Mystery is the events that made know to us the Jesus is the true Messiah. Jesus we tried by His peers and was crucified. He died on the cross to give us salvation, which he did. He then was resurrected after three days, which is the complete basis for our faith. The Paschal Mystery includes the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus, but also includes Jesus’ Ascension into Heaven and the descent of the Holy Spirit. The last two are not depicted in the movie but are the basis of the modern church. The movie, Jesus of Nazareth depicts the first three well, but leaves out the last two, even though Jesus is very present in them. The movie did capture the true religious message of it but also showed it in a secular way that everyone can understand
The Paschal Mystery starts with the Passion of Jesus. The Passion can be said to start when Jesus entered Jerusalem, which was glorious. The Sadducees and Pharisees did not like this. Later, Jesus destroyed the market place of the Temple. These two things were what pushed the elders over the edge with Jesus. While in Jerusalem, Jesus performed many miracles that had the elders questioning Him. On Passover, Jesus shared supper with His Apostles. Here He said that someone (Judas Iscariot) had betrayed Him, but not naming Judas. He also started the basis of the Eucharist here by breaking the bread and sharing the wine saying it was His body and Blood.
After, they went to the Garden of Gethsemane. Here they prayed and Jesus was in great fear of what was to come. Judas went out...

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...actions coming to this point were prophesied by prophets like Isaiah. The resurrection is the major part of our religion and is what differentiates us from other religions. The fact that Jesus was both human and God is the Dual Nature of Jesus we believe.
The movie, Jesus of Nazareth, showed the Paschal Mystery in a secular and spiritual way, that everyone could understand. It went into great depth on almost every topic in the Gospels and historically with people like Pontius Pilate and Caiaphas. The Paschal Mystery is a very important to the Catholic religion as it is what differentiates us from other religions, especially Judaism. The fact that God joined us in human form, in the Incarnation, is amazing and shows the character of God, that He is loving and forgiving. Although the death of Jesus was horrible, it gave us our salvation and saved us from sin.
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