Party Mix Lollies Case Study

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INTRODUCTION Garden City, the second biggest shopping centre in Queensland has over 440 stores with a total retain floor area of 142,835m2. It has the highest recorded foot traffic in a Brisbane shopping centre. The aim of this report is to compare and identify major factors that affect products characteristics. Certain goods and services differ in price and quality among businesses at Garden City due to different characteristics. In this report, it will be proved based on primary and secondary research. FINDINGS There were a variety of products examined throughout this research task. They all differed in quality, size and prices from each other. Multiple stores were visited to compare the characteristics of these goods. The data that was collected…show more content…
Woolworths a public company, had major variety on its Party Mix Lollies. Of the large variety, the Woolworths home brand party mix was recorded. It was made from 93% Australian product and contained no artificial colours or flavours. Consequently, it also had a very low health star rating of 1.5 out of 5 stars. This party mix lolly package was placed along the bottom shelf, as it was the cheapest. It was only $1 per packet and was 0.67/100g. On the other hand, BIG W a public company, had many popular Party Mix Lollies stacked on their shelves. The lollies had been intricately placed exactly at kid’s eye level and had very bright colours. They also advertised that they had no artificial colours or artificial flavours and were strongly advertised that they were made in Australia. They were moderately priced at $3/180g. Which would be prices at $1.67/100g. In addition, another Party Mix Lollies were heavily presented throughout the shelves. The Natural Confectionary Co Party Mix was very dominant on the lower shelves. However, this was not a very bright colour. It attracted the eye as it was very soothing colour compared to all the other confectionary displayed in the shelves. As well as this, it was the only Party Mix that was packaged in a tub instead of packaging material. It was also heavily displaying that is was made in Australia and had no artificial colours or flavours. It was priced at…show more content…
Apples at Fruits of Life were at very high quality. They were displayed very well and they were very glossy. Fruits of Life has very fresh apples as they are only competing with other fruit and vegetables stores. Therefore there products have to be of very high standard if they want to be on top of other competitive stores such as Spuds and Plums. The products are also of high standard as Fruits of Life is a local business. Therefore, they provide goods to a local population. They also have limited advertisement, as they are only a local business. Fruits of Life is a monopolistic market as products and prices are different to other stores, they have less freedom to enter or leave the market and have many firms. On the other hand, both Woolworths and Coles are both a national businesses. They understand the culture of the country and develop products and services to satisfy its market. Woolworths and Coles are an oligopoly market type. They both have products and prices that are different from each other, less freedom to enter or leave market, however they have a few firms. They also sell a variety of products and have great variety. They also have national advertising, as they are national and well-established companies. Therefore, they have more customers, which increases store
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