Parts of the Brain

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Parts of the Brain

If I could give up any part of my brain it certainly wouldn't be Wernicke's area, because if I lost my ability to interpret and comprehend language I would go crazy. I am a Spanish major, and if I couldn't understand or communicate the spoken word, everything I've been working toward would be lost. My love for language would be lost. Furthermore, I would not want to lose my primary auditory cortex, because when words are spoken they first register in the primary auditory cortex and then move on to Wernicke's area. If the information going into the auditory cortex were lost, I wouldn't be able to interpret it because it wouldn't make it to Wernicke's area.

Losing Broca's area would also affect my love for language because I wouldn't be able to speak, I think it would be especially difficult to know what it is like to speak and then have that ability suddenly taken away from me. Another part of my brain that if lost, would affect my ability to use language is the motor cortex. The motor cortex controls my ability to make finely coordinated movements. Without my motor cortex, I couldn't roll my R's or move my tongue for that matter. How would I communicate? I couldn't use sign language because that would require the movement of my fingers, which would require the use of my motor cortex as well.

Another part of the brain I would never want to part with is the hippocampus. The hippocampus plays a role in memory and I would lose the ability to learn new vocabulary words or learn how to avoid new adverse stimuli. Furthermore, I would not want to lose any part of my cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex allows me to think, remember and produce language. Without that part of my brain I would not be able to grow as an individual because my learning abilities would be inhibited. I wouldn't be able to communicate my feelings or what I wanted as well because my language would be affected and I wouldn't be able to remember anything. All of the words I already know would be gone forever.

If I lost my hypothalamus, I would never know when to eat sleep or control myself and I would never enjoy anything because the hypothalamus is what stimulates my sensation of pleasure, I would not enjoy learning new languages and I would not enjoy old memories.
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