Parkinsons Disease: The Cause And Symptoms Of Parkinson's Disease

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Have you or anyone in your family experienced unusual tremors in your head or any part of your body? Has moving become harder everyday? Do you feel your bones stiffen and feel as if your unbalanced? If so then you may be experiencing the intial effects of Parkinson’s disease. Originally called “Shaking Palsy” due to body tremors, Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder of the central nervous system that affects movement. Named by Dr. James Parkinson, Parkinson’s disease is a very serious disease. Many things are associated with Parkinson’s disease and in this essay you’ll learn all about them. This is Parkinson’s With more than 200,000 US cases per year, Parkinson’s disease has become a major part in disabilities among the elderly.…show more content…
Symptoms of Parkinson’s The four key symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are tremors of the hands, arms, legs, or jaw. Other common symptoms may include pain, dementia or confusion, fatigue, and sleep disturbances. Parkinson’s disease effects grow over time. Parkinson’s disease was first formally described in an essay called “Shaking Palsy” published in 1817 by a London Physician named James Parkinson. It’s not certain how long the disease has existed but its probably been around for thousands of years. There is no cure for parkinsons disease but there is treatment as ell as Parkinson’s Disease 4 medications that may help control the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. A medical diagnosis is requiered to determine treatment. Lab tests or imaging is often requiered as well. It’s chronic, and can last for years or be lifelong. Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease Treatment and medications for this disease include things like Catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) inhibitors. Entacapone (Comtan) is the primary medication from this class. COMT mildly prolongs the effect of levodopa therapy by blocking

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