Parkinson´s Disease: Symptoms Of Parkinson's Disease

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Parkinson’s disease is a disorder that progresses over time. It affects your movement through your nervous system; the disorder causes stiffness, and slow movement in your body. Most noticeably started in little “tremors” in your hands it gradually increases over time. Early stages consists little expression in your face or no movement in your arms as you walk. Your speech may also slur, or slow down. Symptoms usually worsen over time. Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease vary from person to person. They often affect one side of your body and steadily make its way to the other side. Regrettably, the first side is usually affected the worst. Tremors usually affect the body. Shaking begins in your hands or fingers. You can tell when your hand is at ease, and you suddenly start shaking. Over time your ability to move ends up being time consuming due to the difficulty of walking. Lack of movement can also cause rigid muscles, and cause you pain. Also Parkinson’s causes you to have problems with your balance, and could result in a stoop, hunched back. Parkinson’s disease also affects your speaking ability. In some cases your words may become slurred or hesitant. In other times you make speak too softly, or even moderately quickly. Rather than the use of inflections, you tend to speak in a monotone. Everything is just one voice, and there is no variation. Fortunately, you can improve your speech with a speech language pathologist. Also writing may likely become more difficult due to the tremors, and handshakes. It takes longer than usual to write than it did before. There are multiple risk factors for Parkinson’s disease. Age, heredity, sex, and toxins all play a role in the disease. Younger adults rarely if ever develop Parki... ... middle of paper ... ...oing artsy crafts like painting or ceramics can improve your motor skills, and help you express your expressions. Pet therapy also improves your emotional health, as you tend to feel you have a close companion. Living with any kind of illness is very difficult, and very uncomfortable and discouraging. Friends and family can be your best supporters, they will understand what you are going through, and help you cope with the illness. Like support groups, they are there for you. They are a good resource for information. You can learn something new that could possibly soothe pain in ways you had not though about. Since there is not a direct cause of Parkinson’s yet, there not any known ways as to prevent it. Some researchers have found that caffeine that is in your coffee, or tea, and soda can reduce the risk of developing it. Green tea also reduces it also.

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