Parking at BSU, Possible or Not

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Parking at BSU, Possible or Not

With the diversity of students that attend the University, there are a variety of challenges and advantages that are unique to each sector. Parking on the Boise State University Campus can be a difficult and frustrating but with a little bit of help and information, you can maneuver your way anywhere.

Parking is a function that is necessary and required by almost everyone that visits or uses the Boise State University campus. This may range from teachers to visitors to employees. It includes students on campus that reside in the resident halls, apartments and University suites. Parking is especially critical for students that do not reside on campus. These would be part-time or full time students. The category that I fall into is what I refer to as the non-traditional student. I believe that the campus is composed of at least 50% of non-traditional students. These are individuals that have been out of college for some time and are returning to school, students that are trying to fit continuing their education into their work and family schedule. The Morrison Center is located on the university campus and has many special events that require the use of the university parking facilities. The Taco Bell arena will often support music concerts and other special events. As the university is well known for the football team, we cannot forget that parking is also used for all sporting events.

There are many types of transportation that are available to get from one end of campus to the other. Many individuals use cars and this is my main mode of transportation. As the campus is comprised of a large population of non-traditional students, teachers and employees, I would say that an automobi...

... middle of paper ... permitted all day long on Saturdays and Sundays”. The campus parking map shows all of the general and reserved areas that this applies to. Inter-session parking is allowed. “Inter-session parking is an extended period of time when cross parking is permitted.” Inter-session parking is allowed during Thanksgiving holiday week, when classes are not scheduled during winter and spring break, and any holiday the university is closed. It is also available between the summer and fall semester.

By looking at the parking that is available, you have to compare the cost of each type of parking with your individual situation. Parking can be found with minimal research to fit your time and cost constraints.

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