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Paris Tourism overview

Tagline: Visit the city of lights and explore the roads of Paris in night

Title: Paris Tourism | Paris travel guide | Tourism in Paris

Meta Description: Paris has love in the air. This time, plan a trip with your beloved to experience latest fashion, cosy boutiques, and restaurants serving mouth-watering delicacies in Paris. Everything during your trip to Paris will feel timeless.


Heading: Paris Tourism

Supporting text: Visit the land of cultural landscapes and historical structures- Paris

No matter how many times you have been to this wonderful city, Paris offer you something new every time you visit this place. Paris holds within the oldest and the newest places with a mix of cultural blend. Popular
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And thus, many of the spiritual relics can be seen all across Paris.

Notre Dame Cathedral is undoubtedly the most elegant gothic Cathedral in the world. And it is also quite famous, as gazillion tourists swarm this place during almost all the seasons. The cathedral was started during the 12th century, and it took two centuries for the cathedral to get completed.

Not too far from the Notre Dame, there rests yet another beautiful church with its glory spread all around. Built during the 13th century, this Cathedral isn't any less magnificent looking. The vibrant windows, glass panels, and painting fills the cathedral with colours, and offers the visitors a visual treat.

Paris tourism sets a journey to all these historically important cathedrals, and tells you about the history behind them.
• Breath-taking sights in Paris
The city of lights offers nothing less than a memorable experience with the marvellous structures, and vivid delicacies. The Paris tourism takes you to the Shangri-La hotel, Palais Galliera, and Foundation Louis
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Each of these sights hold some historical value that has been carried on from generation to generation. For instance, L'arc De Triomphe was built as a symbol of the French victory. And the underground tunnels in the Catacombs, dates back to the Roman period.

• Gamble till the Last Drop
At the end of the day, what's more refreshing than a drink at the local casino. Paris travel guide takes you to the popular casinos lining Paris. Alongside the Eiffel tower, Champ Elysees, a lot of romance, and fashion, Paris is also home to some of the amazing casinos that you could ever wish for. Cercle Haussman is a popular casino situated at the centre of the city. The casino offers various games including poker, and blackjack, alongside the smoking lounge, restaurant, and American style bar.

• Relics in the
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