Parents with Bipolar Disorder Cause Terrible Effects to their Children

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Based on primary and secondary information that I have found from this research study, living with a parent who has bipolar disorder can cause terrible effects to the child. Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder in which a person suffers from severe mood swings, ranging from severe depression to manic episodes that can persist from days to weeks or longer. A manic episode is an elevated mood with symptoms that include increased energy, excessively high mood, extreme irritability, and racing thoughts. Most patients who have bipolar disorder have coexisting anxiety disorder which include generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), social phobia, panic disorder, and PTSD. Anxiety disorders include all disorders in which the main problem is excessive or unrealistic anxiety or fearfulness. Free-floating anxiety, or generalized anxiety disorder, is unrelated to any realistic, known source that is experienced the majority of the time for six months or longer. Social Phobia is a fear of being judged by others and being embarrassed of doing things in front of other people. Panic disorder is characterized by frequent panic attacks that affect an individual’s ability to function in everyday life. Within this, panic attacks occur. PTSD is a type of anxiety that develops after experiencing something traumatic such as sexual assault, serious injury, or a threat of physical harm. Symptoms from anxiety include elevated heart rate, trouble breathing, sweating excessively, and a sense of impending doom. One idea as to what causes anxiety disorder, according to behaviorists, is that anxiety is learned by the attention an individual received which then reinforced the fearful reaction. The biological model states that genes play a significant role in the chemic... ... middle of paper ... ...ecause even the average person feels bouts of anxiety at points in their life; it is biological, but there are certain ways one can learn to manage their anxiety and change the situations around them. This is an extremely important topic to me and I have met many people my age who are now my friends who have also grown up with bipolar parents and it has caused them a lot of damage. When I was at the height of this issue I deeply felt as though no one else was going through it, so whoever gets to read this paper, I want them to know that there are families going through this. People who have bipolar disorder seem very normal in public and then can have drastic mood changes in the privacy of their home where the children and spouse are present. It is necessary that people become aware of this issue and if they know anyone who deals with this, they know how to help.

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