Parents using hi-tech to track kids

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Parenting has become a challenge for the 21st century modern world and with so many technological advancements parents have started relying on High-Tech gadgets to stay connected with their kids. Interest and demand of using technology by parents to monitor their kids are increasing all around the world. As pointed out in the article “More Parents Going High-Tech to Track Kids” by Martha Irvine, how technology is helping parents track their kids’ location, how fast they were driving, and what they buy or eat. Even though these devices are helpful to parents, but they may be dangerous to the kids in many ways and that's why parents should be extra careful on its use. To begin with no technology is 100% secure, if the kids’ location can be visible to hackers, this information can be used to harm them. In the Article, Irvine mentions “Parents are notified by text message, e-mail, or phone” about their kids activities at school. This information is also risk as emails can be hacked, Imagine it can be used to kidnap kids of a rich or high official for ransom. Privacy is a serious matter, and hackers can also use technology to commit crimes against such families. Irvine says, “High-tech methods to track everything” are available, that's means that there is always someone watching. Irvine says, “Big Mother” or “Big Father” who is watching, but it can also be “Big Kidnapper” or “Big Sex Offender.” In other words, their kids will be under surveillance of many unknowns. Also anybody might forget their phone in public places and what if some crazy person got it? That person can use this information and see all the communication and find out where the kids are going. As a result, these devices can be tools for hackers to use to harm the kids... ... middle of paper ... ...e they are, they will think they are in the right place, but really they are not. This situation is more dangerous because their parents have no idea where they are in case something happen to them. Therefore, kids might get really hurt and their parents really have no idea where they really are. In conclusion parenting is a full time job to help the young ones learn and coup with the childhood problems, and keep a watch out for them is a difficult task in modern age. Use of technology by parents is their way caring but overdoing hurts the relationship. Parents need more often to talk to kids about their issues rather than pointing out their mistakes using Hi-Tech devices. There is nothing more pure then the love of parents and their kids, and no technology can replace that care and love. That is why parents should definitely not use these devices on their children.

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