Parents and Autistic Children

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Almost everyone has encountered a child or someone with some level of autism, but whenever we passed by them we never really stop to think about how this illness affects their lifestyle. To be totally honest, I never really thought about it either until my mother befriended someone who has a child with autism. She really wanted to meet me; therefore she once invited me to dinner at her house where I met her husband and her son. During dinner, I was able to have a better insight of their lifestyle and the struggles they encounter when they have an autistic child. One of those problems that most impacted me was the constant debate of whether taking their autistic child to a facility that provides food, room, and schooling. Her husband rejected the idea of taking their child to an unknown place completely and thought the idea was simply a selfish way to get rid of their child so they do not have to deal with raising him/her. Although this method is not his cup of tea, my mother’s friend actually thought it was a reasonable way to help them cope with the stress of raising a child with this kind of illness. Their situation made me think about all the other methods that a parent can take if they do not want to send their child to a facility and how these methods affect their stress levels. Therefore I want to explore how having a child with autism affects parent’s stress and if methods to treat autism helps reduce stress levels or any other psychological concerns parents come across.

During my research I wanted to know if individuals who have a child with autism have an increase in stress levels or any other health problems. Therefore, I researched autism and parents and I found a journal article from Journal Of Child & Family Studie...

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