Parents’ Violence Towards Their Children

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Parents’ violence towards their children

Should parents use violence when rising up their children? No, they should not. In fact, why should they use violence while there is a possible solution for everything? Many parents today use violence towards their children and this violence leads to the destruction of the children’s self. Why treat one with violence, which will eventually lead to one maneuvering their way when treating his parents to avoid the violence against him or her. Not only that, but also one will also use violence against his parents when one grows up to protect oneself from their parents’ violence. Parents Violence against children lead to many negative effects in their children’s life and even leads to crimes.

People might think that violence discipline the kids and prevent them from arguing with their parents and following their orders without even asking. I agree that it does discipline the kids only when they are young but as they start to grow up it all turns upon the parents who should have known that a turning point in his or her life would come where they treat their parents the same way they treated him when he or she was young. It also does not help him or her to give out his opinion on any matter in which he or she could give a better solution if it was a problem for example. In addition, if a parent tells him or her to do this and not do that without any explanation, one will not know the reasons for such orders.

Parents Violence would have long terms negative effects on their children. If your parents hit one whenever one does something wrong instead of teaching one not to do it, this is violence. A person would do the same with his sons and daughters when he or she grows up too. Children might...

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...ribute to the improvement of a country.

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