Parents Should Not Fight In Front Of Their Children Essay

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It is very unlikely for parents to not fight at all. Still parents need to think about their children when they fight. Parents are likely to have arguments and end up fighting, but parents don’t realize that this can become a problem once they start doing it in front of their children. Parents should not fight in front of their children because it can have harmful consequences on the children. For one, children can feel unsafe, and can also suffer from emotional instability, behavioral problems, and health issues. It’s important to realize that a child should feel safe with their parents and their relationship. When parents argue a child can begin to feel unsafe and question their relationship with their parents. This can prove to be harmful since “Through relationships with important attachment figures, children learn to trust others, regulate their emotions, and interact with the world…”(The National Child Traumatic Stress Network). Many could argue that this doesn’t matter, but it does because it can cause unwanted problems in the future. “Developing…show more content…
Emotions play an important role in a child’s behavior. If, like mentioned above, children are sensitive to their parents’ conflicts then their emotions shape their behavior. “If [children] don 't have [emotional security] they feel distressed emotionally, and are more prone to aggression and hostility” (Cummings). If a child’s behavior turns aggressive and hostile this can affect them academically. This behavior can become disruptive or impulsive and children can “have more difficulty motivating themselves to study, do homework and listen in class,” or it “can lower the test scores and academic achievement of an entire classroom” (Thompson). Being that a child can suffer academically because of watching their parents fight, parents should do their best to not fight in front of their
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