Parents Not Being Able to Say No.

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Many Parents just can not say no. Like many parents Eloise Goldman struggles to say no to her nagging son about wanting a new I pod. Her 9 year old son, Jon, says but mom everyone else has one. She decided to check around and see if what he son had said was true. Yup, most of the neighborhood children had one. After fighting with her self, she came to the conclusion that her son is a good boy and she gave in. Many parents like Eloise will fall into the saying everyone has one this school year. Kids of this generation have it easy with many parents jumping to sound of Mommy or Daddy. Many kids still want more after getting what they already wanted. Parents need to start teaching their kids about hard work and earning money so their kids can get what they deserve not just cry or whine till you give in. In Boulder, Colorado Marsha Moritz helped found the Parent Engagement Network. She says many parents want to be their kid's friend but that's not what children of today, they need their parents to be adults. This group helps parents come together and learn how to set limits and enforce then without feeling guilty. Parents find it hard to say no because they have the money for what their children want. By giving in too much, this can hurt your child in the long run. If a child is given too much, they will become discouraged too early on as an adult because they are not getting what they want in the work place such as a raise or promotion. Kids seem to want to more because there are more and more new things always coming out. Some parents feel they should reward their children for good grades or requiring them to do household chores. Many parents like Kechia Williams, a custodian that makes 9 dollars an hour, finds herself having to work overtime to by new clothes and toys for her children. Children need limits according to Steinberg, a Physiologist at Temple University, in order to make them feel better and become more secure.
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