Parents Have the Right to Opt Out of Required Vaccinations

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Is it logical for schools to require kids to be vaccinated for diseases that are no longer a mass population threat? There has been a continuous increase in children that have not been fully vaccinated because of exemptions. Schools interrupting children's scheduled learning because they are not vaccinated is erroneous. According to Stephanie Cave and Deborah Mitchell,
"Back in the middle of the twentieth century, the concept of mass immunization sounded like a good idea: We had deadly childhood diseases, we were developing vaccines that could prevent them, therefore, let's immunize all children so they won't get those diseases. And to make sure all, or nearly all, children were immunized, we made the shots mandatory"(9).
The initial intent of a vaccine is herd immunity, which is the majority being vaccinated in prevention of disease. Majority of these diseases are not relevant to the current century. The idea of herd immunity was brilliant but now circumstances are futile. The first vaccine was created in 1796 for smallpox, since then the last outbreak for a deadly disease was in the mid 1900's ( 6).Today, the public school system is requiring children to be injected with a disease that is no longer mass population threat in the current century, also this is despite what parents have to say. The attended result of a vaccine is so the immune system recognizes the disease that was prior injected and can later fight it off if necessary. The required vaccines are not only absurd but ludicrous, being as vaccines do not provide the child with full immunity only partial. A child naturally contracting the disease gives them full immunity, while the vaccine only gives the child partial immunity. Requiring vaccines are pointless not only because they are partial immunity but they are also usually specific to one strand of that virus. Parents should be able to opt out
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