Parenting: The Psychological Effects Of Narcissistic Parenting

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The Effects of Narcissistic Parenting words For some individuals, the need for admiration and self-importance exceeds the norms, this is where narcissism comes into play. Narcissism is a personality disorder that many people in countries worldwide suffer from. Someone who suffers from this personality disorder holds abnormal behaviors that shows a need for appreciation and usually lack empathy for others. They are considered to be extremely selfish and revolves around self-centeredness. What happens when a narcissistic individual becomes a parent? There are many different ways parents raise their children; the common parenting techniques used are determined as authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive. The different parenting styles also…show more content…
Some narcissistic parents are emotionally and mentally abusive to their children, this can often make the child question their worthiness. Since some parents are dependent on their child and form a dependency bond between them, it affects and strips the child from having a normal childhood. Most who suffer from narcissistic parenting are left wondering why their experiences are much different than their friends. Some parents would also pretend to be sick or unhealthy in order for the child to continue taking care of them; this cripples the child from developing their own independence. The effects of this tactic can last through adulthood, taking away the individual’s ability to move forward and starting their own life. On the other hand, some children can become extremely dependent on their parent because they are manipulated into thinking they are unable to care of themselves. Parents who have an effect on their children like this are extremely controlling but very affectionate. Their relationship of dependency with their parents can up to their adult years. Therefore, these children who are victims will remain naïve in their adult years because they were incapable of gain life skills. Clair M. Hart pointed out that it has been predicted that a child’s depression and anxiety is connected with “reduced parental care, elevated parental shaming, overprotection, and favouristism” (Personality and Difference 250). Narcissistic parents feel threatened by their child’s growing independence, so they hover over their developing years; thus, becoming overly possessive. There are other parents who acknowledge their child’s mistakes more than their positive attributes, so a child can resort to self-blame. They would try to fix themselves and begin believing that it is their fault for receiving the negative treatment from their parent. Victims can also
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