Parenting Styles: Permissive And Neglectful Parent And Child

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There are three major recognized parenting styles: Permissive, Assertive and Neglectful. All carry different characteristics and bring different reactions from the children. Parenting styles such as these can be beneficial to the children. The relationship of each parent and child is totally different, thus there is no one way to parent. The quality of parenting is more important than the quantity of the time spent with the child (Brigid Schulte, March 2015). Parenting styles represents how their parents demand and respond to their children. Parents tend to create their own methodology of teaching as children go through completely different stages in life. People believe that the parents who give their children proper love, nurture, independence and control, have the children who seem to possess higher levels of…show more content…
Such type of parenting is also called uninvolved, dismissive or detached parenting (Stephen Walton, 2012). These parents are not strict and are very low in warmth and control. They usually don’t get involved in their child’s life. Parents do not engage with their children and do not set limits for them, which gives them freedom to do whatever they want and live their own lives without any restrictions. Parents generally don’t demand anything and are also low in responsiveness. Parents are not emotionally supportive to their children, but they still provide them their basic needs such as housing, food or money. Benefits of this type of parenting is that children tend to get mature and independent beyond their age. This parenting helps children to build an internal sense of discipline. Parents adopt this type of parenting style so that their children learn to toughen up themselves and learn to be independent. Many children don’t like the interference of their parents so some parents adopt such type of parenting

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