Parenting Style: Authoritative Parenting

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During the class presentation by Dr. Felver on November 7, the Baurmind’s parenting style, Authoritative Parenting, was discussed. Authoritative parenting is a style that encourages children to be independent but still places limits and controls on their actions. Authoritative parents are warm and supportive. They communicate very clear what are good and acceptable behavior and monitor child very carefully. Typically, parents enforce their rules consistently and with empathy. Also, authoritative parents are not afraid to discipline a disobedient child. They do it compassionately and calmly. On Saturday, November 12, 2016, I conducted an observation of a young boy from Archibold Gymnasium to College Place Bus Station. This past weekend, Syracuse University Football took on NC State Football in a conference game. After I finished my workout at 3:30 pm, I was greeted outside by a crowd of SU fans in Orange and Navy Blue. I took this time to find a child to observe. I quickly surfaced the quad and found a young boy around the age of 4-5 years old. He was walking towards College Place with his mother. At the time he was in front…show more content…
I witnessed these traits in the young boy. The firm but loving authoritative parenting style is proven to produce more competent and creative children because children are encouraged to follow their innate interests and gifts. The authoritative parenting involves a gentle balance of expectations and demands in a fair and responsive environment. In my opinion, every child needs help learning how to regulate their intensity. Strong willed boys, like the one I observed, need a lot of structure and consistent limits and guidance to learn how to handle themselves. Also, physical activities and games help channel their energy and in terms that help regulate their emotion. All children can benefit from activities that channel their

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