Parenting Style And Parenting Styles

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Parenting style (Maccoby and Martin, 1983) represents standard strategies that parent use in their child rearing. Parenting style is affected by both parents' and children's personality, not only the parents. Parenting style is about parents’ level of demanding and responsiveness toward child. There are 4 parenting styles which are Authoritative/Propagative, Authoritarian/Totalitarian, Permissive/Indulgent and Neglectful/ Uninvolved.

In this article, neglectful style will only be discussed. For the style of neglectful, parents are both low on demanding and responsiveness towards their child. They pay less time and attention on their child. No stress, encouragement and warmth will be given to the child in this parenting style of neglectful. From the research of Parenting Style and Adolescents’ Self-esteem in Brazil (Martinez & Garcia, 2007), adolescents form Neglectful families scored lower Self-esteem than others in different dimensions like academic and social.

Parenting style affect some of the demotion of Core self-evaluation (CSE) (Judge, Locke and Durham, 1997). CSE represents a stable personality trait including 4 elements which are locus of control, Neuroticism, Generalized self-efficacy and Self-esteem. In this article, I will mainly talk about locus of control and self-esteem.

Locus of control (Rotter, 1954) refers to the extent of individuals believing that they can control events that affect them. It can be divided into internal and external locus of control. Internal locus of control is that people believes they can control their own life. So, they are less likely to blame others or past things. Meanwhile, they would rather take action and cope with bad situations. They live happier because they be...

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...which aims to enhance my chance of getting into university.

Meanwhile, my self-esteem became higher than before. I always thinks that I am not a fool and I start consider myself equal in dignity to others even I am only an associate degree student. I start to believe in myself that if I pay full attention on study, I can get high mark of G.P.A. Then I can study bachelor degree program like all of my friend. From now on, I get the highest G.P.A. in my group of friends. Although I have not received any offer from local University yet, I still believe that university will accept my application after interview. Now, I only think that I am only a bit late to be a University student than my friends.

Even I did not growth in the best family with the best parenting style and being a low self-esteem person, I can still work hard to change to be the person I want to be.
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