Parenting, Deliquency, Crimes, And Juvenile Delinquency

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The Parenting Style Juvenile delinquency is defined as major or minor lawbreaking by youth under the age of 18 (Berger, 2000). Some examples of major lawbreaking are murder, rape, robbery, and theft. Minor lawbreaking refers status offenses. Status offenses are acts that are illegal because of age, such as drug users and underage drinking. Most adolescents arrested have committed minor offenses. Parents have a world of influence over their children and basically mold and shape their children into adults. The discipline style they use has a great impact. Parental demandingness is the degree to which parents set guidelines for their children, and how they discipline based on these guidelines. Parental responsiveness is the emotional aspect of…show more content…
They may encourage their children to talk with them about their problems but may not discourage a lot of bad behavior. Children who grow up with permissive parents tend to struggle academically and physically. They may build more behavioral problems as they will likely not appreciate authority and rules. They often have low self-esteem or self-trust and could gain a lot of sadness. Fourth is the Uninvolved Parenting, this type of parenting is composed of neglectful parents. Parents think that their children can raise themselves from their children’s hard work. Also they don’t think of their obligations like for example the needs of the children. Sometimes this is due to a parent’s mental health issues or substance abuse problems. Also, the mother is giving her full attention to her husband because of jealously. Children may lose or lack of knowledge about parenting and child development or may feel overwhelmed by life’s other problems. Uninvolved parents tend to have little knowledge of what their children are doing. For me this parenting is very worst.…show more content…
Children may not receive any nurturing or guidance and they lack the much need parental attention. When parents are uninvolved, children tend to lack self-esteem and they perform poorly academically. They also exhibit frequent behavior problems and rank low in happiness. These are the four types of parenting style (Very Well: Learn How Each Parenting Style Impacts Children, Parenting Style). As we go along with our research paper and to finish it well, we interviewed two important persons in this study to help us. First was Sir Delmo from DSWD of Dumaguete City, he is the former president of Youth Homes which is located at Talay, Dumaguete
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