Parental Involvement Is Essential for the Success of a Child's Education

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I believe that parental involvement is essential for the success of a child’s education. I think for a child to excel in school that their parents or guardians need to educate the child as much as the teacher. It is important for the parents to understand the effect they have on their child’s education and how significant their role is. Since a child learns just as much from their parents as they do from their teacher it is important that the parents also stay educated and know the material the student is working on. For a teacher to properly educate a student they need to know them in all developmental areas which includes parents, because of the crucial role they play in their child’s growth and development. By having the parents involved they can work with the teacher to come up with a curriculum that best suits the student. Involving parents in their child’s education benefits the student, parents, and the teacher because there will be an abundance of support for the child’s education. By involving the parents they are able to help the child out of school which will help to keep them on track with their education. I believe with both the support from the teacher and the parents that a student is more likely to grow and develop into a successfully educated person.
I think that communication is the key to keeping families involved in the education of students. There are several different forms of communication in which I plan to use to communicate with families. I plan on using email and newsletters as my main form of communication with the families of my students. I think that email is the best way to give out information quickly and a way for parents to ask me questions when they are not able to meet face to face. I believe t...

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...udge them or bully them for any reason. I might also come across parents with different views then me and it is important to respect what they are saying and listen. The world is changing and becoming more diverse so teachers have to be more open and informed of diverse families.
I found this course to be more interesting than I expected. I thought I knew a lot about parent involvement in education but I learned much more than I imagined. I learned that there are many more diverse families than I thought and it was interesting to learn about them. I also discovered all the different types of communications I will be able to use to communicate with the families of my students. Overall I found this course to be very helpful for future educators and I believe that because of it I will be able to communicate with the parents of my students and keep them involved better.
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