Parent Support Groups Can Reduce Child Abuse

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Many parents lack the skills necessary to properly teach and discipline their children. As a result, out of pure frustration, parents lash out physically and/or verbally. Hitting a child or yelling at one has detrimental long-term effects. Parents-to-be need to be given strategies for dealing with discipline issues. Support groups should also offer parent training.

When parents have had a hard day, whether due to work, family, or other persons or events, they tend to lash out without a thought at the misbehaving child. The parent lets his or her anger build up, unable to release it toward the appropriate situation he or she is actually frustrated with. "It's so easy to get caught up in their moment of frenzy. It's hard to stand back," (Globe & Mail 2005).

A mom at work cannot yell at a boss and risk being fired. A father cannot yell at his wife without a possibility of an argument ensuing. In most situations the frustration and anger builds, then when a child walks into a room and misbehaves, the parent, finally feeling like he/she has power over something, lashes out at the child. Another point made in the article is that parents either hit or yell at a child is because there are times when a child is crying and the parent cannot deal with it much longer. Some parents will justify hitting or yelling with the excuse, "that it is a productive form of discipline. It is good for my child to learn that they cannot get away with it. It will help them in the future." In all reality, parents do this because they know it will stop the unwanted behavior. As appropriate as these actions may seem to the parents, it is not fair to the child.

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...t itself from generation to generation. Also, the government should recognize the effects of hitting and/or yelling on children and instead of turning a blind eye on the situation. They should put into place more laws to protect the innocent children. These children are the future, they will determine the outcome of our society. This is a problem that needs to be solved before it even begins.

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