Parapur Case Study

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'Parapur is a small rural town in Punjab. The population of the town is approximately 10,000. The main source of income is the lumber factory and farming. Although, it 's a small village, however, most of the basic amnesties are present. The only issue is they have school till eighth standard, therefore, the children can not complete their secondary school certificate. I was in Islamabad to gain permission to upgrade the school system to at least matriculation. The registration is done, now all we need is skilled staff who would be able to teach the children to pass their final exams. As the curriculum is already set, very soon we will be eligible to have classes for ninth and tenth standard. ' Azlaan admitted with a lot of pride.

Shifa was listening with a lot of interest. Unable to contain her curiosity, she asked impatiently, 'Are you a teacher? '

Azlaan smiled, shaking his head lightly, replied, 'No, I own the lumber factory, which sponsors the school. '
Shifa 's mind was working at its maximum, hatching a full proof plan, when she questioned him again,
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Illiteracy contributes to a great deal of their thinking and way of life. Modern technologies and entertainment are nonexistent, what is recognized as a necessity in the city, is considered a luxury in the village. Even the most common way to communicate via cellphones doesn 't work there, adjustment to such environment would be very difficult. On the other hand, I know a well known NGO in Rawalpindi, they assist the people in need, I am sure you would be more comfortable in a big city like Rawalpindi. ' Pleased with his explanation, he nodded his head smugly. Giving her a crude picture of most villages that exist in the interiors of Pakistan seemed like a good idea, the grass on the other side always looks greener, he knew, living in a village will not be easy for her and his short speech would give her a lot to ponder
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