Paraphrasing And Privacy

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CRITICAL THINKING AND LEARNING LITERATURE REVIEW ASSIGNMENT Name: Stephen Delaney Course: Software Systems Development Title: Is User Privacy Important to Social Networks? PLAGIARISM DECLARATION I declare that the work which follows is my own and that any quotations from any sources (e.g. books, journals, the Internet) are clearly identified by the use of single quotation marks for shorter excerpts and indented italics for longer quotations. All quotations and paraphrases are accompanied by (date, author) in the text and a fuller citation in the bibliography. I have read and understood the rules on paraphrasing and referencing and followed these conventions carefully. Signed: _____________________________________________________________________ Date:______________________________________________________________________ Is User Privacy Important to Social Networks? User Privacy is a sensitive topic at the moment. It is one of the most important factors a person should consider before they give their information away over the internet. Every click or selection you make online is being stored and permanently kept on record that includes anything you may have Googled, investigated or researched. Some people believe that user privacy is dead (Rambam 2011). More and more we are being encouraged to give away more information about ourselves online, and the greatest intrusion into our online activities comes from social networking sites. The lack of user privacy on social networking sites has led to dramatic changes in people’s lives such as targeting by the media and marketing researchers, the buying and selling of user information and other unethical forms of privacy invasion. Online activity is increasingly being used as e... ... middle of paper ... ...ause there is a fine line between conspiracy and assumptions when it comes to online privacy. With this in mind I tried to keep my research as unbiased as possible whilst maintaining my position on the topic. After completing and reviewing this assignment I am both startled and amazed that this kind of misdirection can occur in today’s educated society. Some of the research I did on Facebook really opened my mind further to how much this company knows about you and what they do/intend to do and try to do in order to remove the legal protection you have when your online and even offline. My advice is to use social networks carefully and understand that everything you do, whether it says private or not, is theirs for keeps to use how they will. If any bill/treaty is passed in regards to online privacy you should really be in the loop. Privacy Matters!
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