Paranormal Phenomena Discussed

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Paranormal phenomena has been discuss among scientist for many years. It has also been discuss by everyday citizens and has intrigued the world with several mysteries. Such mysteries has eventually brought doubt that paranormal activities actually occur in the real world. Some scientist say that it does exist and provides the society with highly convincing evidence. On the other side of the coin, and almost equal amount of scientist disagree on the subject of paranormal activities existing. The scientist can also present enough convincing evidence to hold down their beliefs. So, does paranormal phenomena actually occur in life? The answer is yes.
In order to test rather the paranormal exist or not, the subject must be broke down into catorgories. For this research paper, only two were selected and they are psychics and ghost. The reason why the two topics were selected is so that the organization of evidence can flow smoothly.
First the topic of psychics will be discuss. What is a psychic? A psychic is know as a person that is sensitive to energy. Psychics are also known by their abilities to see into the future, sense emotions, see spirits, and also move objects with their mind. With just the information given, it would seem that psychics are just another made up fairy tale, but that is astonishing not the case.
Science is continually helping the world to understand several mysteries that most common people thought to be impossible. Since technology evolve so much from earlier times, the case of rather psychics exist are not can finally be answered. MD. Daniel G. Amen, from The Dr. Oz Show, has revealed creditable evidence proving the existence of psychic claims. According to Dr. Daniel, the following is ho...

... middle of paper ... although diffrences in stimulus arousal values of the same stimuli had the expected effect on patterns of the brain activation." The investigation found no evidence of the psy energy in this method.

The second article "The Transliminal Brain at Rest: Baseline EEG, Unusual Experience, And Access to Unconscious Mental Activity" by Jessica I. Fleck and colleagues did not examine psychic function directly. The investigators used electroencephalography to measure the resting brain activity of individuals reportedly high or low in transliminality. The study revealed significant difference in three areas: the left posterior association cortex, the right superior temporal region, and the frontal-midline region. Aside from the similarities to schizotypsy some fundaments funtional/process differences in the brains of individuals more open to the idea of the paranormal.
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