Paranoia Is The Unknown Disorder

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Paranoia is the unknown disorder not fully aware of but it is commonly expressed as being isolated or alone while having the feeling or instinct somebody or something is lurking around and looking upon you. What is worse about this unknown factor is sometimes if we are being watched over or having a similar feeling, it is unknown to us where this presence is located. Until we can find this abomination somewhere, we remain restless and uncertain about our actions. A theory was made not too long ago discussing how the surveillance cameras put on duty all around us in stores or any public foundation can cause paranoia, stirring up within ourselves and it cannot be treated until we feel at ease with these factors. Whether these factors are allowed to be used or not, it is a non-discussable topic due to the power reinforcing this problem exceeds any others; in this case, it is the government. Our opinions have been confronted with the government before by expressing our feelings towards the illegibility to have these cameras on patrol through videos, articles, and even images passed onto other people understand this monstrosity. Long story short, it is unfair to us citizens not having a word in this difficult argument whether it is alright to put up these pieces of technology on corners or the ceiling and record every movement we take. One factor about these cameras is the fact that people are watching our movement, whether it is for the good of mankind or not. These recorded information, concerning us can be used either against us or helping us prove a certain point, maybe for a court justification as evidence. Depending on the case, they do have this information about our whereabouts on a specific time and date so it can be of use ... ... middle of paper ... ...t on the internet, eradicates the idea of privacy or being private which can make us insecure; depending on how much of our privacy is taken away. Overall, it truly matters on how the person or organization will use this piece of information depending on the situation. These problems will mainly use this information in an appropriate and professional way; however, the cons ' are also shown demonstrated by the people known as hackers who can lurk through private information and use it at their own will. Holding up the pros ' on one hand and the cons ' on the other, having these cameras on display shows how this world is not safe while making the idea of trust cease to exist. Arguing whether to have these cameras on display or not is already out of our limits due to us having less power compared to the government, favoring it no matter what the argument is discussing.

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