Parallelism between the Matrix and Christianity

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Hope is the expectation and the desire of an event to happen. For many people, having hope is to see a cruel reality with a positive feeling. From hope, faith comes in. Having faith in something unrealistic motivates people to keep moving forward and try the best of their abilities to make something happen. Most of today’s religions, especially Christianity, based most of their doctrine in the faith of salvation from Jesus Christ‘s sacrifice and the hope of living for eternity, if we obey the laws of God in accordance to the bible. Similarly, this hope and faith system can be seen in The Matrix, when Morpheus propagates his belief that “the one” will end the war that Zion has been fighting with the machines for long time. Evidence from the history of Christianity, along with the story line and symbolism found on The Matrix demonstrate that there are parallelism laying between these two, along with the manifestation of faith that makes everything possible to happen.
Faith in The Matrix and Christianity relays in the prophecy of someone special and unique that has the power to bring hope and peace to humanity. Both of these prophecies traveled from time to time, transferring this hope from old generations to future generations. Additionally, these prophecies were made by extra-ordinary people. For example, Jesus Christ’s coming was announced by an angel to Mary. On the other hand, the prophecy of Neo’s coming was made by the Oracle, a special program which its purpose is to bring imbalance to the matrix and to analyze the psychological parts of humans.
The way that people threated Neo and Jesus Christ are quite similar. At his birth, Jesus Christ received adoration from the three kings. The book of Mathew, in chapter 2, verse 11...

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...’s threat to the whole system. Neo sacrificed his life in order to kill Smith, and that way he could liberate Zion from the machines. With this scene, the Wachowski brothers brought us back to the allusion made on the first movie of Neo being “Jesus Christ.” All of these events were made posible because Neo knew that Zion believed in him, therefore he felt that he had to do something. Because of Morpheus and Zion’s faith in him, he did all the posible to accomplish his purpose in life.
It is more than evident that there are a parellism between Jesus Christ and Neo from The Matrix. Both of them had the power to change the course of the humanity and because of their role in society, they were very influential in other’s people action to make a prophecy come true. As Brian Tracy once said “whatever we expect with confidence becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy.”

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