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From the knowledge, I have collected over the years of trying to find the right steps to take to begin a healthy eating habit. Since I completed the food tracker part of this class, my eating habits have fallen off quite a bit. I got tired of eating chicken and rice began to eat pasta and hamburgers. I tend to eat more meat than grains or more greens that grains. I found that some of my eating habits meet the dietary guidelines not all. After really looking into my health and eating I do see improvement in my eating knowledge by that I mean what is good and bad for me and how much I can eat before it begins to hurt me. Not saying by any means that’s a good thing but how you eat I have seen in many cases doesn’t define my eating. When I read…show more content…
On a somewhat of a regular basis I eat eggs and wheat toast in the mornings as well as oatmeal depending on how hungry I am. My carbs normally come from milk and nuts that I ingest on a daily basis as well as fruits and veggies, that is one of my key factors in somewhat of a healthy eating habit. When it comes to any type of improvement it 's becomes a very simple choice. Since the “super tracker” was super detailed, when I put in my food intake list I had an ok status for carbs intake. I feel if I continue to track my food and what I eat as well as the amount I can maintain a simple course of the healthy regimen. In my dinners, they normally consist of French bread and spaghetti or pasta which from my research was a double stack of carbs which is not good for a healthy heart. I still consume soda but not as much as I use to. Energy drinks not so much I would like to say I consume a quite a few a few times a week. Which if I remember correctly was part of the kcals negative and has a bunch of junk. In which that has motivated me to stop drinking them as much as possible. I remember a part in the lecture it talking somewhere around the line about the kcals. I like rice which if I remember correctly is part of the carbs I use white rice and chicken when I go to my diet as well as fish so I can say my consumption of carbs hasn’t dropped as much as I like but as I remember…show more content…
I would like to say it is but in all actuality, it’s pretty high. I consume a lot more meat than normal from reading in the super tracker list. Normally my protein starts with the steak I eat a lot of steaks at least I like to think so I enjoy a nice steak with mashed potatoes and veggies. I also consume a decent amount of fish I tend to eat salmon and trout, the trout I catch and cook up on my own as of the salmon I tend to buy at grocery stores because as good as I think I am in catching fish I seem to be unable to catch a salmon for the life of me. I tend to eat a lot of chicken as well. On a regular basis, I see that I tend to eat if I may around 3x the DRI as my diet consists of eggs and bacon in the morning some sort of meat for lunch if it being hotdogs, chicken, pork, or back to eggs like an egg salad sandwich which also has mayo in it. I tend to associate healthy fats when it comes to eating my proteins which include avocado oil or olive oil when I cook my foods, cheese plays a big part in my eating when it comes to tacos or sandwiches. Sometimes in the morning I tend to just eat eggs as my breakfast knowing that it contains healthy fats. I like grilling even though in one of the forums it mentions it’s bad for you especially when the fat juices drip onto the coals or flames it then rises exposing unhealthy gasses that move to the food. Which from what I remember from the forum was it has cancer producing

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