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Google Glass


Google glass, you may have heard of it here and there and in this paper you can learn even more about it than from what you may already know. Google glass is basically a pair of glasses that you wear on your face. These glasses have a few differences from the glasses that you usually see. One is they have a built-in computer system that is shown to the far upper right corner of the glass. There are many different styles of glasses you can choose from, to make it unique and your own. But besides the styles there is more to the Google Glass.

What it does

With the glasses you can do many things such as take pictures, make videos, look at maps, search the web, go on Google chat ( a chat made by Google which allows Google Plus and Gmail users to chat with each other), you can share pictures and videos with your friends, listen to music by hooking your earphones on to the glasses and even more stuff. All you basically have to do is simply say “Google glass take a picture”, and it will take a picture for you. Now that is only one of the commands that you can give to the glasses. The glasses work on commands since the screen is so tiny you are not able to tap it.

Another thing the glasses do is help people in their daily life styles. With the glasses it easy to find a place using the maps that are available. It also helps people that do not want to take an entire bag with a camera, memory card and everything that is needed further on. Besides daily life styles it helps people who study animals, they can easily take notes, videos and pictures. There’s a woman in Nepal doing a study with rhinos and she says that Google glass has helped her a lot. She now does not have to carry as much stuff with her on her...

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