Paragraph On Childhood And Adulthood

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Childhood & Adulthood When I was a kid, I used to do so many fun things but also, I was fascinated by all the great things that adults could do. All those years passed by and I was growing up being more excited because I was getting close to be an adult. Now that I am an adult I wish I could be a kid again. It’s quite amazing how fast your opinion can change. All the activities that I can do now do not compare to even one day as being a child. I still enjoy being an adult and I still have a lot to experience. My life as a child and as an adult is different but still is similar in small ways. I would go in my neighbor yard and play with their dogs, go to my cousin house and play all day long, go to my aunt closet and try her dresses and play like I was famous supermodel, play with my friends being a mommy and having a family, just imitating everything my mom used to do at the house. Being a child, it was so much fun. As a child I never had to worry about having to work. Life for me was stress- free. All I had to worry about was what time my favorite show was going to be, and remind ...
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