Paradox In Macbeth

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120 words

I will be analyzing the paradox "Thou shall begets kinds, thou be none: So all hail, Macbeth and Banquo!"(1.3.74-75) In this quote the third witch is saying to Macbeth and Banquo that Macbeth will be king while Banquo will be none, but the witch is still saying all hail to both of the charicters. This quote is a paradox because even though Banquo wont be anyone the witches are saying all hail to him because his offspring will be a part of the royal family. Another idea that comes from this quote is the foreshadowing of Macbeth's demise, by saying that Banquo's children will be king means that Macbeth will have to be dethroned and or killed in the

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the paradox of "thou shall begets kinds, thou be none: so all hail, macbeth and banquo!"
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