Paradise Lost Essay

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Kimberly N. Broughton
Dr. Pardlow
English Literature I Final Exam
December 9, 2013

Passage I appears in Book I of Paradise Lost, lines 254-263. The narrator, Satan, is boasting, along with his friend Beelzebub, lord of the flies, about how is it better to be the ruler in hell than serve God in Heaven. It all started when Satan awoken in Hell from being thrown out of Heaven. Many angels had joined Satan and thus started the war with God. Realizing what happened, Satan goes on a rant to Beelzebub, telling him how he will never bow down to God.
Interpreting Satan’s rant, he says that everyone has their own mind. Whether or not they’re in Heaven or hell physically, they can make it feel as another mentally. He also questions what makes God any greater than him or him any less that God. Satan figures at least he is free to roam and rule in Hell. In his mind, being king is more important, even if it is in Hell. He also believes that by no means can God drive them away from their throne in Hell.
Passage V appears in Book IV of Paradise Lost, lines 98-102. During this phase, Satan lands near the Garden of Eden. Looking back on Earth reminded Satan of who he once was. He considers, for a brief moment, asking God for forgiveness despite its false pretenses. However, Satan is the epitome of evil. Wherever he goes, death, sin, and all things bad will follow.
Through lines 98-102, the narrator is saying that there is too much hatred and sin to justify. Satan mentions that if he attempts and achieves to reconcile with God, he is bound to relapse and become worse than before. In his heart he knows that God has given up on him and the other fallen angels. They believe that God created a new world known as man, to replace them. All good is lo...

... middle of paper ... and disobedience to God. Even though the sins of Satan, Adam, and Eve granted them tedious punishments, their reasoning greatly differed. Adam sinned for the love and affection of a woman, while Satan disobeyed because of pride and enviousness.
Lastly, passage IX is found in Book 8. During this section, Adam and Eve had already partaken of the forbidden fruit. Shortly after tasting the fruit, Adam mentions that why something so delightful and pleasurable would be forbidden when it should be encouraged. Eating the fruit allowed them to become aware of their physical appearance. Adam and Eve began to cover themselves for they were ashamed. However, along with being ashamed, they become attracted to the appearance of the flesh. Never had Adam ever noticed the perfection of Eve’s body. Needless to say, they had sexual intercourse all night until they fell asleep.
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