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Later on that night I woke up because of a smell, it stank of infection and pus. As I walked down towards the living room the smell intensified, until I could barely breathe. I undid his shirt and saw a cut that went across his chest from arm pit to arm pit, strait through his nipples. It wasn’t deep but it was infected, very infected; it was green and had yellow pus coming out of it. The boy was still sleeping, but now I understood why he was crying when I brought him here. All I had was a first aid bag that I had taken with me when I came here. I applied disinfectant to the wound but all that did was wake up the boy and make him yell of pain. I then applied a bandage, which just made him yell even louder. That night I made an even stupider decision. The next morning I went to the government building and announced that I would be leaving that afternoon. They stared at me as if I was crazy and asked why; I ignored the question and marched out of the room. When I got home I packed my bag, checked the house and, drove off. When I was about to exit the city, men came out of nowhere, t...

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