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Paradise to you, might be hell to another. Everyone has their own idea of a utopia that they would like to have. Since they would be all somewhat different, the idea of a utopia is impossible. A utopia is a place that can’t be made. Although, if I were able to make my own perfect paradise, it would be complex in ways. It would have wild animals roaming free around you and there would be more respect and less drama. Judging and drama wouldn’t be acceptable but there would be no poverty. In this place, it would have the major occupations like nurses, firefighters, police officers, etc. It would be beautiful place in my opinion. But it wouldn’t be a place for everyone. It would be in a spot where the ocean, mountains, woods, and desert are all close together in sections. That way I could go to any of the four places whenever I felt like it. Each place would have its actual characteristics though. For example, the desert would be hot with a decreased amount of water, but, the ocean would be near by so you could feel the wind from the waves. In the mountains there would be snow at the tops and in the woods, tall green trees that you could climb. I wouldn’t want this place to have a futuristic appeal. More of an earthy, untouched feel as if the world was just created again. In this place, it wouldn’t be very populated at first because people wouldn’t know about it but anyone would be welcomed. You have to enjoy the beauty of life to want to live here. Causing drama and judging would be forbidden. It wouldn’t be tolerated and they would be asked to leave. Along with people that can’t figure out how to get along. In my utopia, I don’t want war; I want peace. I don’t want people being made fun of by their skin color, the way they look, o... ... middle of paper ... ...d have to have roughly the same wage amount to prevent from poverty. But everyone would decide for themselves who they want to be when they grow up like our present world. That would be my utopia briefly that I would want to live in. A place that has water, mountains, woods, and the desert close. A place more natural and with beautiful scenery everywhere with wild animals that wouldn’t hurt you. A place where poverty doesn’t exist. Although has it’s important jobs like nurses, firefighters and police officers close by. My paradise where judgemental and life threatening people would not be tolerated. Instead you would have to respectful and courteous. A utopia is a place that can’t be made. Utopia literally means, “not real”. As much as I would love to have a place like this, it never would be possible. Your definition of paradise to you might be hell to another.

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