Paper Towns Response By John Green

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“Paper Towns Response” In the novel “Paper Towns” written by John Green an eighteen year old Quentin lives across from his childhood friend called Margo. One night Margo climbs through his bedroom window and persuades him to sneak out during the night and seek revenge on the people who betrayed her. The day after this happens Margo goes missing. Quentin and his friends find clues that she had left that lead to where she was hiding out. After looking on a website called Omnictionary (similar to urban dictionary) they found that she was living in an old barn in a paper town called Agloe, outside of New York. Quentin and his friends skip graduation and go on a twenty-one hour road trip to Agloe to find Margo. After reading this novel it gave me a different perspective on life. It made me think about our lives and how we are somewhat stuck in our normal day to day lives, going to work/school and coming home to what? As technology is enhancing people are getting more and more anti social and living their lives through the internet. Reading this book really made me think about what I want to do in life. Many of us are stuck in a routine, we don’t spend enough time enjoying life and doing the things we love. The event that made me respond this way is when Margo and Quentin are on top of sunset building. Margo looks over the city and says “It’s a paper town. I mean look at it, look at all those cul-de-sacs, those streets that turn in on themselves, all the houses that were built to fall apart.” Paper towns refers to the homes and buildings being frail including the people that live in them, blocking out everything else because they only care about the things that concern them. Margo escapes from her town because she does not want to be... ... middle of paper ... ... self-esteem and heightened aggression. This is a major problem for children/teenagers, because they spend the most time on the internet and using all sorts of technology. Loneliness is shown in many ways by different characters in this novel. For example when Quentin is getting so caught up in finding Margo the detective says to him "Let me give you some advice: let her come home. I mean, at some point, you gotta stop looking at the sky, or one of these days you 'll look back down and see that you floated away, too" this clearly shows that if Quentin gets involved in trying to find Margo he will potentially lose himself and who he really is. The detective is inferring that if he continues to try and find Margo he will isolate himself so much that he may become a different person or in the detective’s words “you’ll look back down and see that you floated away, too.”
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