Paper Making Research Paper

Roman Rezinkin
Mrs. Grossman
March 30, 2014
The Chemical Reactions Used To Create Paper
The creation of paper has been around for many centuries. The first traces of paper creation were in China. In those times, they would use bark and vegetation. In today’s world, we use many complex chemical reactions to create paper. In general, there are six steps to create a perfect sheet of paper. After the completing all the steps, we use paper of a daily basis. We use paper for businesses, licenses, educational purposes, money and many other applications. However, to create a perfect piece of paper, many complex steps have to be completed, to ensure that the gathered wood is properly converted into paper.
The history of paper goes back to 105 AD in China. During those times, sheets of paper were created, using tree bark and vegetation. The following era of papermaking continued in the medieval era. In the medieval era they would, use medieval paper was made of diluted cotton, linen fiber. After the medieval era, the Italians were the most influential and impacted the paper making industry. In today’s era, we use chemical reactions to produce our paper along with high-end technology and machines. To sum it up, we can see how the industry of paper making and its history has affected it by becoming one of the biggest industries in the world.

The commonly known term of papermaking is the “Kraft Process”. There are six steps have to be accomplished in order to successfully create a standard size of paper. The steps are as follows, wood preparation, cooking, pulp washing, bleaching and finally paper making. In the first step ‘wood preparation’, the bark collected from forests is removed from logs, which are later...

... middle of paper ... for the Canadian economy. Therefore, we can see how the forest industry has influenced the Canadian economy and how it has created thousands of jobs all across Canada.
To sum it all up, the process of creating paper pulp has changed drastically over the centuries, starting with using bark to write poems or stories and now is manufactured on a grand scale. The techniques of creating paper has changed throughout time and has gone from diluted cotton and linen fiber to using special and complex chemicals to create many different variations of paper. The industry has brought a lot of wealth to forested countries because the demand for paper is high. With this in mind, we see that the paper industry is a very large industry in the world and that it has affected the society in many positive ways that include more jobs and an increase to a countries economy.
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