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The beginning of the Romanticism movement changed the world to show more of an imaginative and creative side of the arts. It started in the 1900s, then it grew to enhance many arts such as music, philosophy, and literature. Many known artists began their realm of introduction with their new styles of romanticism. These artists were Beethoven, Rousseau, Hegel, Shelley, and Goethe. Their creativity influenced many people to try new things and feel comfortable to be themselves. This movement became the eye-opener in experimenting and showing off what an artist can do alone.
The musician during the romanticism movement was Ludwig van Beethoven. He was known for being deaf and blind, however, this did not stop the passion he had for music. After creating so many masterpieces of his own, he developed a serious disease and it soon ended his reign of classical music. His existence has never stopped relocating all over the world. He is recognized as one of the best classical musicians and famous for his compositions. One of his well-known compositions was the Symphony No. 7. The beginning of the song started with a strong note given by all the orchestra instruments, which was able to catch more attention from listeners. This masterpiece has a great flow to the music that it makes it easy to listen and the emotion put into the song feels very heartwarming. It creates the romantic mood by showing Beethoven’s individual style of music. His feelings are portrayed through his masterpieces, which this composition gives a feel of wanting love and attention. Beethoven said that the Symphony No. 7 was one his best works and it may be because he gave all of his hard work and emotions towards this piece. This music piece had a great style in showi...

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...artistic plots and characters that embodies the author creativity and feelings through their work.
In conclusion, there were many artistic and creative artists during the romanticism movement. These famous people were some of the artists that demonstrated how creative this movement was by allowing viewers to see their individuality in their art work. Beethoven, Rousseau, Hegel, Shelley, and Goethe were well-known for their works during the romanticism movement. These artists used music, philosophy, and literature to show their creativity and skill, which enabled the feel of how the romanticism movement gave them their freedom to be themselves. This movement allowed new styles and welcomed an individual’s creation to be introduced to the public. Influencing people to show their creativity and skills in the arts was what made the world a better and imaginative place.
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