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725 words

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to view Nikola Tesla’s memories? To view how all of his inventions work and everything he planned to do for humanity. While viewing his memories you could examine his ascent to fame and his descent into what many people think was madness. First, I will tell what I know him from facts first a summary of his life then a list of patents and furthermore, his encounters various firms, inventors and his financial problems.
Nikola Tesla was a Serbian American Inventor and electrical, mechanical engineer best known for his works in AC (alternating current [which is the flow of electricity of energy that periodically reverses its direction to maintain its voltage) and his invention the Tesla coil. He was born in Smiljan which was in the Austrian Empire which is in modern day Croatia. He was the fourth born of five children. His father, Milutin Tesla, was who was a priest in the Serbian Orthodox Church. His father wanted him to follow in his footsteps and become a priest but Nikola Tesla had an interest in electricity due to his mother, Dukea Tesla. Although his dad wanted him to follow his footsteps one time in 1874 when Nikola Tesla got sick his father promised to send him the best engineering school if he recovered two years later he enrolled in at Austrian Polytechnic in Graz Austria. He prepared for a trip to the United States of America because he was severing all family connections to hide that fact that he dropped out of colleague later he was returned to Gospic for not having a residence permit.
Nikola Tesla started working for Tomas Alva Edison in France by working at Continental Edison Company by improving and designing electrical equipment. Nikola Tesla moved to New York. After arri...

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...enclyffe Tower.
Some of his experiments in Wardenclyffe Tower were a bladeless turbine, and a steam powered oscillator. With the steam powered oscillator Nikola Tesla matched the resonance or echo of the building he was testing it in. when he recognized the magnitude of danger his machine imposed on his building he destroyed it using a hammer just before the police arrived. The tower was destroyed when Nikola Tesla handed the deed over to George Boldt and was subsequently destroyed.
An important theory, which led to an invention from another person, of Nikola Tesla’s of that time period (1900’s-1910) was basically sonar or radar designed to detect and destroy the Germans use of unrestricted submarine warfare. His theory was using the reflection of an electric ray of significant frequency and the electric ray would be seen on a screen showing what’s underwater.

In this essay, the author

  • Describes what it would be like to view nikola tesla's memories to examine his ascent to fame and his descent into what many people think was madness.
  • Describes nikola tesla as a serbian american inventor and electrical, mechanical engineer best known for his works in ac (alternating current) and his invention the tesla coil.
  • Explains that nikola tesla started working for tomas alva edison in france by working at continental edison company. tesla moved to new york with four cents in his pocket, a recommendation letter and what remained of his belongings.
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