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Leaning language and becoming a language teacher can be a daunting task because it requires one to dedicate more time to read intensively. Both learners and language teachers should have adequate information to enable them to communicate fluently. This essay discusses, describes, and reflects on ways I will continue developing my language learning, develop my language and my teaching skills when I become a language educator.
How to Develop my Own Language Learning
Developing language learning requires one to be disciplined to be able to learn and attain competency. Therefore, the most important tools for language learning are writing implements such as pen and a notebook. The tools can not only be used to take
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The sole goal of learning a language is to achieve proficiency and communicative competence as they are primary skills in good communication. Achieving language skills requires a learner to grasp the basic language phonology, which includes listening, reading, writing, speaking. One can learn listening skills by carefully listening and analyzing with the view of discovering contrastive sounds of language and their variants (Molnar & Sebastian-Galles, 2014). A learner then practices and uses discriminative exercises to help them distinguish sounds, tones, and intonation patterns. In this case, the learner can then use selective attention to contrastive sounds that are difficult to grasp and use auditory repression, which involves recording troublesome sounds and replaying them until one becomes conversant with…show more content…
Furthermore, various drills can be used to focus on sounds that are difficult to master. After that, learners may take articulatory phonetics to help them understand the speech mechanism and ways it would work. To master reading skills, learners need to employ the strategy of memorization and association whereby they set goals of learning a particular number of related characters every day. Besides, learners can read older texts and expand the kind of texts they read to including the ones written in earlier times. Finally, in reference to developing writing skills, a language learner needs to achieve good control of spellings, punctuation, and alphanumerical symbol. On developing writing skills a learner has a variety of ways to improve the skill. They can employ online communities and social networks where they can write content to be evaluated by other online friends and tutors (Stepanek & Hradilova, 2013). Using this method can help a learner to improve a great deal because of diverse opinions and suggestions from diverse people. Moreover, learners can ask their language associate to check their work for errors after they have thoroughly checked it.
Develop your Teaching Skills when you become a Language Teacher
To be a good language teacher, one needs to have confidence. Confidence plays a vital role in the performance of a language teacher. Teachers can advance
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