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“Hello little man”, his deep, slithering voice rattled off the walls of the main control area.

“First of all I am not little and second I just want to leave this place with my Dad”, I said trying to sound brave

Before the man could respond a reassuring hand grasped my shoulder. I turned around to see my Dad standing beside me. He glanced at my arm and gave me a worried look before staring at the man in red.

“You shall never escape my lair for you have already seen too much, instead you shall die here and people will never know where you went”, his deep laugh resonated as the man spoke.

Before I or my Dad could react the man grabbed a electric gun aiming it at my father.

“No!”, I screamed as the bolts of electricity passed into my fathers body.

My father collapsed in a shallow heap on the floor not moving. The man rejoicing in his victory laughed again yet this time I decerned a fuzzy sound, like that off a speaker, coming out of the mans voice. Thats when it hit me like with a sudden impact like a car slamming into me. This man was not real instead he was an apparition. Knowing what I must do I quickly reached behind me for my water bottle grimacing in pain, I had forgotten about my arm. Water bottle in hand I uncapped it and screaming loudly I threw the water onto the man. Instantly, sparks burst out of the man and soon before my eyes the man exploded. The explosion must of knocked me out for I awoke in what seemed like two hours later. I saw my Dad still lying on the ground, where the man had been there was nothing except a gleaming piece of tightanium,it looked like a microchip, yet I didn’t think about it long due to my concerns for my Dad. I turned my over onto his back in order to asses how he was doing. He w...

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... knew actually what he was doing. One lazy afternoon day I lying on the anti gravity coach when I closed my eyes thinking about the last few days before I was awakened to reality by Jet brushing his cold metal nose against my leg.

"You okay, bud?”, my dad asked worriedly

I knew he felt terrible for dragging me into his mess but honestly, I was glad he dragged me into his mess because that experience had changed my whole outlook on life.

“Yeah I’m fine, Dad could you let me know when you go on one of your “job assignments again?”, I asked

“Well I don’t about that son, they are pretty dangerous”, Dad said

“Dad I am almost a man now, in fact, I’m starting to learn how to drive the hover craft, please let me know”, I said beggingly

“Alrighty, then I guess you are right, I’ll let you, just done tell Mom”, Dad exhaled as he preformed his signature wink.

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