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Diploma and associate degree nurses are the most common within the United States due to many reasons including cheaper tuition, shortened graduation time, and the availability of jobs. In 2011, 40% of all those taking the NCLEX for the first time were those who obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (BSN), and less than half of all RNs were BSN prepared (McEwen, Pullis, White, & Krawtz, 2013). Many clinical factors are involved when discussing the comparison between those nurses with associates/diploma to the bachelor’s degree. Studies and organizations focused on a point that BSN nurses improve patient outcomes through clinical means. Many hospitals are seeking to obtain or maintain Magnet status, which stipulates minimum levels of BSN prepared RNs at the managerial level. This causes hospital organizations to put a focus on hiring or supporting nurses to get their BSN. Research indicated that in hospitals with a 10% increase in the proportion of nurses with BSN degrees, there was a decreased risk of patient death and failure to rescue by 5% (Megginson, 2008). In this discussion ...
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