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The concept of Sourcing is the process of which a recruiter looks to find resumes during recruitment process. Recruiters, staffers, and Human Resources need to find qualified candidates for their open job orders. Sometimes, the recruiter is looking for candidates with very unique or niche work experience. Also, sourcing refers to the initial part of recruiting. Actually, it is finding candidates through a variety of methods.) Some recruiters perform the sourcing function through placement. Some companies hiring recruiting professionals who specialize only one in the recruitment cycle. Recently, many big companies and staffing firms employ teams of sourcing professionals whose duties are only to do the initial placement of candidates; they handle hands on candidates’ placement a different departments where recruiters handle the initial candidates’ qualification, interview, and placement of those candidates. Regardless of the nature of the business, LinkedIn will be a good tool to help businesses networking. It does not matter if it is a start up or wells establish organization. LinkedIn can help the company achieve its professional goals in a networking and branding standpoint. Moreover, LinkedIn can help put a company on the map to be exposed to businesses around the globe. HR professionals can turn Linked into a hunting ground in recruiting professionals. Also, HR managers and new businesses can use the social to look for partners or opportunities. It could be very good for someone to have a professional LinkedIn profile set up, so you can take to take advantage of this. Unlike on Facebook, LinkedIn encourages its users to provide professional background information as oppose to personal information. Therefore, the profiles will... ... middle of paper ... ...etitors. “Employer branding is the strategy companies use to appeal to desired current and future ideal talent”. (Wallace,Lings, Cameron, & Sheldon, 2011) The branding will start with research on current employment strategic within the industry, which will enable a strategic approach to the employee value proposition. Furthermore, there will some nontraditional benefits that will be appealing to prospective employer. Next, the company branding development will be communicating to the public vis-à-vis job candidate. Externally, the communication will be through the company website and social media site like LinkedIn and Twitter. Internally, the company employee value proposition will be communicated through hiring training and intranet. Last, the branding will be measure by number of applicants applying for open position, employees’ retention and employees’ turnover.

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