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Public policy help shaped the world we live in today. It is formed at the federal level to resolve problems created throughout the United States to standardize the way business can be conducted and to protect the working people, with their jobs, with their wages, and the conditions they work in. It provides the solution to the problems we faced in America and keeps our government involved with all the citizens of the United States of America. Public policy is created by the American system of government to improve the way the American citizens live their lives. One way public policy has helped shape the way America is today is through Labor laws. Before a public policy is formed or implemented, there has to be a problem with the existing system before the government can come into play. Public policy is not created out of possible problems that may exist or is to come, it is manifested when a current problem exists and there is a need for it to be changed or fixed. When a situation arises when there needs to be federal interference to smooth over a prevailing problem, the first ...

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